What is Magic Pathshala?


UntitledMagic Pathshala is a research group comprising passionate people from diverse disciplines with the charter to turn education on its head. To learn what kids really like to do, and how they really learn. To help our children discover their true potential. Magic Pathshala will work on your favorite device, speak to you in your language, and help you learn how you like to learn. We hope it will create magic.

Magic Pathshala has been in the making for 22 years since Magic Software started-up in 1990. We’ve been creating award-winning products that help students learn better, and teachers teach better around the world.

What will One find on Magic Pathshala?

Magic Pathshala has educational content for primary Maths and English that can be used in classrooms or computer labs by teachers.


These are typically 5-10 minute modules that run on a computer, and can be used as introduction to topics, concept building, revision or testing. These modules are presented in the form of Animations, Games, Comics, Activities and real-life applications. The approach is to provide kid-friendly content, making children learn through things they love.

Oh yes, its Free!!

freeMagic Pathshala is a privately funded research initiative. We believe that a great educational product cannot be created sitting in an ivory tower. We aim to refine our teaching methodology by observing usage and receiving feedback from schools, teachers and students across India.

Hence our product is completely free in its first phase. We do not want cost to be a barrier in reaching our target audience.


How does one access content from Magic Pathshala?

  • Go to www.magicpathshala.com
  • Login
  • Choose class & content
  • Enjoy our content :)

Sign Up is quick and easy, find out how at Magic Pathshala Registration page!

Garima Shah

Garima Shah is Digital Marketing Executive at Magic Pathshala.

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